Braun 70S Series 7 Cartridge Electric Shaver Review

Braun 70S Series 7 Cartridge Electric Shaver image 1The Braun 70S Series 7 Cartridge Electric Shaver  Substitute Foil and Cassette Cartridge -Silver. There appears to be at the very least three of these substitute electric razor heads currently supplied with ‘Prime’ shipment and they all ‘look’ the same in the photos. This shaver replacement aluminum foil was best for your Braun collection 7 electrical razor. You never ever really see it, however as the blade uses down, it takes longer as well as longer to get a close cut. It was taking an excellent 10 minutes or two to et a suitable surface, yet with a brand-new aluminum foil, it actually is back to being a quick number of mins.

So this Braun 70S Series 7 Cartridge Electric Shaver “note to self” is not to invest a tiny lot of money on an expensive electrical shaver for a better cut, only to hold out too long on substitute foils and also wreck the entire point of obtaining the electric razor in the first place. The other plus side since it isn’t really taking as long to shave will be expanded battery life. Extremely recommend this substitute and will certainly be renewing again. possessed allowed blades as well as aluminum foil to be changed independently. Yet it’s a minor niggle truly. It takes only a few mins to shave currently and also no sorenes at all.

Previously, Braun 70S Series 7 Cartridge Electric Shaver is taking ten to fifteen minutes to obtain anywhere near a close cut. the cutter blades just last three months whereas years ago they were made of metal and also lasted longer than the hardened plastic. This substitute part was just the ticket, not only has the razor now been fixed he informs me the efficiency is a lot better – equally as it was after that the razor was brand-new – every cloud has a positive side!! It’s a real electric razor head replacement for this electric shaver. A sharp accurate reducing aluminum foil. Did lots of research study on which razor is best to avoid ingrowing hairs. Idea originally it was mosting likely to be along time coming however it came pretty fast. The initial foil had hexagonal holes as well as was rubbish. The other evaluations that mention the various shapes of the “openings” should be for older razors compared to mine as there was no distinction between the initial aluminum foil as well as this.
Box Includes
– 1 x Braun Cassette – 70S, Series 7, Pulsonic – 9000 Series

Tiny financial investment, peak performance
Within 18 months, your Braun shaver will certainly cut approximately 6,000,000 hairs. In accomplishing this substantial job, the reducing components will progressively wear and also your shave could come to be much less close as well as comfortable. That’s why Braun suggests transforming your shaver’s foil and also cutter obstruct every 18 months to keep your shaver’s optimum performance. For an efficient cut daily.
Ways to replace your electric razor head
For old models which have an aluminum foil and also a cutter block as 2 independent components you will have to change the parts in two actions: First get rid of the aluminum foil, either by pressing the launch button if your shaver has one or by drawing the foil. Following turn the cutter block by 90 degrees and pull it off, holding it at the ends to avoid touching the blades. To fit parts, merely perform the exact same procedure backwards.

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  • Get back 100% of your shaver’s performance
  • Compatible with old and new generation Series 7 (799cc, 795cc, 790cc-4, 760cc, 750cc, 735s, 730) and Pulsonic
  • Easily replace your Braun shaver parts every 18 months to maintain peak performance
  • Small investment, peak performance
  • For optimum performance, clean regularly

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